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sup, stand up paddle 

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Inflatable SUP310cm / 83cm / 15cm with additional accessories

1.Easy handling backpack

2.Double Action pump with pressure gauge

3.Aluminum Paddle –3 pcs Shaft, 3 pieces,Length: 160 -220 cm, T handle

4.Safety leash

5.Adjustable shoulder strap for easy and convenient carrying

6.Slide-in Fin and 2 built-in side fins

7.Repair Kit

8.Printable cardboard boxwith instructions in 5 languages:EN, DE, RO, GR, BGBARCODE EAN13: 3800600001936

•Attractive surface print

•Lightweight and rugged Drop-Stitch technology -Filled with two-hole niches–15 cm width

•High pressure valve -a two-wire, water-resistant, shut-off valve. Double reinforced orifice shaft.

•One central FIN with easy installation and two stationary ones.

•Non-slip EVA PAD 5mm diamond-coated finish with the kick tail.

•Neoprene handle.

•D-rings in stainless steel and elastic net for carrying luggage and mounting in a canoe rowing seat.

•Optimum pumping pressure up to 15 PSI-1.03bar

•Optimal load up to 125kg

•Volume -290 liters•Weight -8.7 kg

•SET gross weight –13 kg

•Dimensions: 310 x 83x 15cm

•User manual with safety instructions in 5 languages:EN, DE, RO, GR, BG

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